If you or your loved one is experiencing a mental health crisis, it can be hard to make sure proper care is given. Psychiatric advance directives (PADs) are legal documents completed in a time of wellness that make it possible for people with mental illness to determine what type of care they would like to receive in a crisis, should they not be able to make decisions. PADs can be a lifesaving tool, help caregivers ensure their loved one’s voice is heard, and facilitate dialogue with providers. This worksheet outlines what you will need in order to complete a PAD, but is NOT an official PAD. In order to complete a PAD, you must check with your state about legal forms and requirements. Without legal documentation, this worksheet does not count as a PAD – but it does cover the majority of questions you or your loved one will want to consider. After you or your loved one completes this worksheet, take the steps to complete a formal PAD – or just use this worksheet as a reference in the event of a crisis. Please note: The questions below are meant to be directed to and answered by the person with a mental illness, not the caregiver.

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Mental Health Crisis Plan Worksheet