About the Take Care Community

A recent study from the National Alliance for Caregiving (NAC) and AARP found that the United States has 9.5 million more family caregivers now than in 2015, encompassing more than one in five. “Caregiving in the U.S. 2020” also revealed that caregivers are in overall worse health than five years ago. As caregivers face the COVID-19 pandemic with greater risk in managing government orders to stay at home and isolate, the need for caregiving resources is growing.

Caregivers that live with the person who needs care and those that support someone in a facility both face added challenges with care responsibilities given such widespread “stay at home” restrictions.

This platform, a collaboration between the National Alliance for Caregiving and the Adira Foundation, provides support to caregivers by offering meaningful resources to support state, local, and national public health efforts. As respite is not available to most families, this program will also identify and share tips for families on how to practice self-care at home. The site allows caregiver stakeholders to submit resources that support caregivers’ needs through a collaborative content platform. The website will seek feedback from visitors on the COVID-19 Caregiving Framework, developed by NAC and Adira, that reflects the reality of caregiving during a crisis and beyond and that ensures the content improves and grows in the direction people need.

Take Care Community Leadership

C. Grace Whiting, J.D. President and Chief Executive Officer Profile Photo


The combined challenges caregivers face indicate that any strategy to support family caregivers during this time must strengthen efforts to contain the spread of COVID-19—while also maintaining the support that families provide in health and long-term care settings.

C. Grace Whiting

President & CEO of the National Alliance for Caregiving

C. Grace Whiting, J.D. President and Chief Executive Officer Profile Photo

A central library of online caregiving resources, designed and tended by those who live these struggles day in, day out, is a dream,” he said. “How something so foundational doesn’t already exist surprises us. We believe the common community is what will see us through to better places. Nothing is more common amongst those dealing with complex conditions than caregiving. We couldn’t be happier than to give liftoff to such a vital resource.

Greg Smiley

Founder and CEO of Adira