A group for Millennial & Gen X caregivers to connect, find support and share resources. If your family member has long-term illness, is elderly or handicapped and you spend time helping them out, managing medications or taking over their finances or living arrangements, you are a CAREGIVER. Sexy name, right? Most of us aren’t familiar with this term and, worse, think we’re going through it alone. Truth is, you’re in good company. A third of Millennials are caregivers – for ailing parents, grandparents, spouses and siblings. Our generation is facing this in unprecedented numbers. It’s time for us to speak up and DTR.

The Caregiver Collective is a group for us to connect, share resources or personal stories, ask for advice… However you want to reach out, let us know you’re here.

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Caregiver Collective Facebook Group for Millennial and Gen X Caregivers